Mike Guy is an artist who lives and works in the DC area. He received formal training from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, studying fiber arts under Fyuko Matsubara, with a focus in silk painting, and printmaking. Since then, he has exhibited in galleries across DC, Maryland, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. He has also done large scale mural projects for schools and businesses in DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Mike has independently created pieces for companies including DC Vote, WeWork, Ted X, and the National Academy of Sciences. He designed and helped lead a project with United Way, and through his association with The Phillips Collectionworked on projects with international artists from both Senegal and Pakistan. As the principle operator of Stops Rust Murals, he has organized artist groups to complete large scale mural jobs for local small businesses like Three Stars Brewing, and Hagerstown FIT Labs.


Ink and Sky is a collection of paintings that focus on the interplay of color and form. The paintings are inspired by the writings of Kandinsky; focusing on the strong connections between art and music. This series creates visual harmonies by associating certain sounds with colors and creating compositions that visually balance the abstract shapes in a moment of time.

The process for creating these works involve applying aerosol paint under layers of house paint and acrylic. The movement of the can and brush results in works that have energy but eventually flow freely to a natural resting place. Music was played while creating each painting; often focusing on a single song per composition. The end goal of the works is to find a place between the subconscious & actuality; between daydreams & truth; between dreams & reality.  


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Blackstone Mural

April 2017

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Cosmic Pulse

March-May 2017

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Homestretch Fundraiser

February 2017

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